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I eventually want to add running images and files related to teaching/playing as like a look into what its like to work with me? Pix of masterclasses in Anchorage? 


Put some of your performance credentials on your homepage or freelance page (some of both!) even though you haven't done it in a while those were still valuable experiences that you absolutely learned from

Jordan McLuckie earned their BA in music from Lewis & Clark College and now teaches violin lessons for all ages. Their teaching philosophy focuses on students cultivating both an appreciation for music and a skillset to support their individual passion. Jordan values creativity and approaches teaching with an open mind and prioritizes each student's interests.


I have over 15 years of playing experience, and a passion for small ensemble music. I play a wide variety of classical genres, and enjoy other modern classical/contemporary genres. This year I'm hoping to incorporate jazz violin technique into my repertoire. Click on the freelance request button for more info!

Jordan McLuckie

Music Studio
Jordan McLuckie Music Studio
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