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Jordan is an Anchorage-based violinist and registered Suzuki teacher. They are currently accepting new students for violin, viola, and beginning piano.
Jordan McLuckie



About me

Hi! My name is Jordan McLuckie; I use they/them pronouns. I'm a classically trained violinist with a bachelor's in music from Lewis & Clark College, as well as a registered Suzuki Method instructor with the SAA. I've been playing the violin for nearly 20 years, and started as a young Suzuki student myself. Today I teach at my private studio in the Turnagain Arts Building and am an ad hoc player for the Anchorage Concert Chorus. In my free time I enjoy hiking with my dog, playing music with friends and working on bicycle projects. 


Teaching history

I've been teaching professionally for the last several years, and work with a wide range of ages and skill levels. As a music teacher I've been immensely impacted by the teaching and learning process. I believe in the capacity of every student to become skilled, confident, and musically sensitive. Because of my Suzuki background, I focus on my students' connection to their instrument and personal musical expression as the groundwork for technical skills. Playing an instrument is just as much a practiced choreography as it is an art, and all of my lessons incorporate focused, purposeful movement while playing and listening to develop body awareness. I teach age-appropriate music theory in all of my lessons to give my students the maximum number of opportunities. 

Though the weekly lesson is essential for effective learning, home practice makes up far more of the student's playing time. For this reason I work with parents, guardians, and students to develop practice plans and strategies to minimize frustration and keep things enjoyable and fun. I am committed to understanding my students’ different identities, backgrounds, and learning styles, all of which have an enormous impact on their relationship with music. Encouragement, support, forgiveness for missed days, and collaboratively built expectations all help create a successful practice environment. 


For more information about the Suzuki Method you can email me with questions, or visit the SAA website here:


Why should I invest in music lessons?

Music lessons develop creative thinking, personal discipline, and analytical skills, to name a few. These skills are transferable to other areas of life, making a music education a valuable endeavor regardless of the level a student achieves. I teach my students to develop their musical confidence through critical thinking, determination, and expression. My philosophy is focused on providing students with the knowledge and resources to achieve the level of playing where they can creatively express themselves. While I emphasize technical development, I do not separate technique from its end purpose—to better serve musicality. A robust technique provides the groundwork for individual expression.


I look forward to working with you!

Jordan McLuckie

Music Studio
Jordan McLuckie Music Studio
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